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Remembering Policarpia Gaspar Xuncax

Our dearly cherished Poli has gone home to God. Her love for the gift of life sustained her until this afternoon through great battles with cancer.

Even in these last days, the ICU hallways crowded with family and friends, she radiated her unique strength.

Our first emotion is grief; what shall we do without her, all that has been lost to us. Wherever she went, Poli set the standards, never diminished by living in exile.

With Juan, Poli's parents and the three children who were the focus of her life, we grieve her loss. Poli would have us mourn her, stand by Juan and then more. She would have us consider the promises of faith.

Poli had the gifts of her Christian Faith, and she had the riches of her Mayan heritage. Christians are in the Season of Easter proclaiming, "O death where is your victory, o death where is your sting?"

As Poli is returned to the burial place of her Grandmother, we join her in thanksgiving for the life she has shared with us and which continues in the mystery of faith.

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