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We promote independence for the parents we serve through classes, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. Our Outreach department responds to any community needs and our services are always revolving. Some services we currently provide include: 

  • DCF Access applications

  • Wage theft assistance

  • Domestic violence support and referrals

  • Family reunification applications

  • Legal referrals

  • Medical referrals

  • Scheduling appointments with the immigration office, government agencies and various consulates

  • Faxing/sending mail

  • Reading documents

  • SSN/Passport applications

  • Childcare applications

  • Material distributions (diapers, furniture, baby items)

  • Informing community through weekly messaging

  • Hurricane preparation

  • Covid-19 education

  • Financial assistance*

  • Varying adult education classes**

* Dependent on grant funding

** Dependent on community interest and volunteer availability (see "Events" tab)

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