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  • To assist, advocate, and provide services to Maya refugees and others as appropriate in the areas including, but not limited to, education, health, immigration, cultural continuity, and family preservation and empowerment consistent with the Maya culture as we embrace our new environment.

  • To advocate for those inalienable rights that are given to all people through the natural process of life so that the Maya may be able to spiritually live in peace.


The Guatemalan-Maya Center will:

  • Be able to assist newly arrived Guatemalan-Maya people to establish a mutual-assistance network within this community;

  • Be able to promote integrity and a sense of identity to the community;

  • Be able to educate the Guatemalan-Maya community with a basic knowledge of the local society and its functioning; and

  • Be able to serve as bridges between the mainstream U.S. culture and the Maya culture. 

This Not-for-Profit corporation was incorporated to promote and support the well-being of the Guatemalan-Maya community and the refugee, migrant, indigenous, and farm-working community in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Our doors are open to anyone in need. 

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