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For over 30 years, we've lobbied and advocated for the migrant community. We have gained numerous victories, including securing special agricultural work visas for nearly 1,000,000 people. We empower our community to speak out against injustice and challenge inequality for all immigrant and underserved communities.


Each day, we perform advocacy by assisting with wage theft cases, hosting know your rights workshops, helping families navigate the legal system, and working with surrounding agencies to make their services more accessible and culturally competent for immigrant populations.

We also perform larger scale advocacy, which includes:​​

  • Winning a lawsuit against SB 168 with Southern Poverty Law Center

  • Hosting a public prayer in honor of essential workers who passed during Covid-19

  • Serving on the Farmworker Advisory Council with Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried

  • Serving on the District Diversity and Equity Committee

  • Attending and organizing marches in support of workers rights and against abuses in the fields

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