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In memory of Harreen Bertisch

At the programs of the Guatemalan Maya Center we are heartbroken for the tragic loss of all at the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc., of Harreen’s Bob, Maggie, Flynn, Kelly, and of the dedicated team, indispensable to our communities.

"Man is truly man

In that he would transcend and flout the human span:

A species become rich by seeing things as wrong

And patching them, to which I am proud that I belong.

Man is surely mad with discontent, he is hurled

By lovely hopes or bad dreams against the world,

Raising a frail scaffold in never-ending flux,

Stubbornly when baffled fumbling the stubborn crux

And so he must continue, raiding the abyss

With aching bone and sinew, conscious of things amiss,

Conscious of guilt and vast inadequacy and the sick

Ego and the broken past and the clock that goes too quick,

Conscious of waste of labour, conscious of spite and hate,

Of dissension with his neighbour, of beggars at the gate,

But conscious also of love and the joy of things and the power

Of going beyond and above the limits of the lagging hour,

Conscious of sunlight, conscious of death’s inveigling touch,

Not completely conscious but partly—and that is much."

Louis McNiece

If you would like to donate to Legal Aid on behalf of Harreen Bertisch, you can do so at the following link:

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