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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I started this note because I want you and your friends to ask the basic questions about provision for protection of the worker's families.

Can you connect us to the people who care about all the jardineros and farmworkers who are encouraged to violate standards of survivability and safety? Loading up at busy sites, crowding into trucks and buses, before returning to double and triple family homes. Where are the Health Department regulators? Where are the Labor Department protections? For that matter, where are the people of conscience, like yourself, for whom these levels of indifference have never been tolerable?

If the Labor Department will not prohibit the loading of workers onto buses, then the Health Department must be there sanitizing the vehicle, putting shields, masks, gloves and second outfits on the workers, and insisting on upholding social distancing.

Get your many friends to join our social media campaign, friending the GMC and building the case for defense of the migrant indigenous families of the workforce. A sufficient wave of voices will register even with OSHA and Florida

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