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30 Reasons We Need Your Support

With your help, we can help 30 kids in 30 days.

The generous support of donors like you enables us to provide life-changing support to students like Petrona.

Petrona first came to The Guatemalan-Maya Center when she was only 5 years old through our early-education program. All seemed well until high school, when she became at risk of not graduating after struggling with some family issues.

Because of our past history with Petrona, we were able to convince her to start volunteering at our summer camp. Our team also began tutoring her and provided a stable, supportive environment to help her focus on school work.

In the end, Petrona not only graduated, but was accepted into college. Now, in addition to attending college full time and working at a local restaurant - she organizes a youth group to give back and help support the kids at our center.

If we had not been able to provide our services to Petrona, her life could have taken a very different turn.

This Great Give, you have the opportunity to take a stand for education - and change another child’s life.

Now through April 24, we’ve set out to get 30 more kids ready to succeed in school this year.

Just $84 covers one month of critical after-school tuition and transportation for a child in need.

30 kids need your help right now. Will you show your support?

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