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We Broke the Record for the Number of People Tested for Covid-19 at any FoundCare Sites

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Laura Kallus at Caridad says, I believe the G M Center event was a huge success. We did at least 360 tests!! People were even driving up after we were shutting down at 3 pm. We tested them. Sadly one car had to be turned away as everything was all packed up. Caridad had a team of 6 helping with mostly intake. FoundCare had a wonderful group there, all the tents to provide some shade and we also had a walk-up station; they were busy throughout the day as well.

The heat was brutal but we stayed through to the end

We broke the record for FoundCare, for the number of people tested at any of their sites. Now let us pray that none come positive

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