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The children are out of Homestead

The unaccompanied minors might be out of the Homestead detention facility but there is still concern as to where the children are being sent. How many of them have been successfully reunited with family and how many of them will be residing in another "Homestead."

The Guatemalan Maya Center is actively working to reunite families by assisting them throughout the application process and connecting them with resources available to them in Palm Beach County.

“From reducing the number of children held at Homestead to forcing the administration to produce a hurricane plan, I’m glad that our community’s persistent advocacy brought about real results,” said Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, whose district includes the area where the center is located. “However, I still have many questions about where these children are being sent to and the conditions they’ll be kept in. They shouldn’t be sent to another detention facility — they must be reunited with family or placed with a sponsor.”

Our Director, Father Frank O'loughlin shares a message of hope to the people gathered outside of Homestead.

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