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Guatemalan Maya Center makes hard to reach final push when Census count is ended early

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The Guatemalan Maya Center has been working tirelessly to ensure everyone in our community is counted, especially the underrepresented Indigenous and Latino populations. Our team of volunteers had taken it upon themselves these past few weeks to make the Census more accessible for their entire community, going door to door and translating the Census into Spanish, Mam, Popti' and Q'anjob'al.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court approved of the Trump administration's efforts to end the Census count early, which was a huge loss for our community who have consistently been undercounted due to language barriers.

Yesterday, our volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that as many people as possible were counted. The Mayan community has lived in West Palm Beach County for the past 40 years and deserve to be recognized!

These two pieces review our Census efforts this past month, how they were cut short prematurely and what we did to try to reach our goal on the last day of the count.

View story here.

View story here.

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