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Escuelita Maya Tutoring Program


Weekly Progress Report on Tutoring by Telephone

Week 3: April 6-10, 2020

Submitted by Barry Glaz

Joan Farrell, Georgia Salmon, Ellie Lurie

This week Magda Arguellles opened a virtual Escuelita Maya on Google Classroom.

With this new tool, tutors can provide lessons electronically to their students.

This is important for three reasons.

1. We did not have workbooks for kindergarten level students. Now with Google

Classroom, tutors can upload lessons that students and tutors can read from their

computer screens, thereby enabling telephone tutoring of kindergarten level students.

2. Some students are nearly finished with one or both of their workbooks. With Google

Classroom, we can continue tutoring these students by uploading lessons from higher

level workbooks. Otherwise, we are not able to deliver new hard copies of workbooks.

3. There remain about 40 of the 60 Escuelita Maya students who did not yet have tutors and

therefore did not yet have workbooks. With Google Classroom, if we find more volunteer

tutors, we will have a mechanism to enable tutoring these students. With this Google

Classroom addition, Pamela Catousse promptly volunteered to help out. Hopefully by

next week, we will have three or four students assigned to Pamela and Pamela will be

uploading lessons for these students on Google Classroom

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