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By the numbers

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Today our teachers showed off their data walls at both of our Escuelitas! Our 3 and 4 year olds have shown a lot of progress since the beginning of the school year. Our teachers shared one of the secrets of their success with us. Using a visual representation of data from quarterly assessments, teachers in our preschool classrooms can easily group students by skills and focus interventions for students under-performing in specific areas. 

Ms Janelly was the first to share and she was excited to show us how her students were progressing. She feels that displaying data in the classroom has led to better planning and interventions for students. She and her team have a clear plan to improve student performance using weekly assessment data.

Grouping is much easier with data!

Ms Patty and Ms Carmen proudly display assessment limits they have set for each skill.

Ms Margarita shows off a beautifully decorated data wall.

Ms Melissa's data wall is connected to her word wall and some great hands-on activities.

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