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Bringing much needed dental care to our children

Where would we be without the gifts of loving friends? We worry about the teeth of a great proportion of our children. Why are so many of our Mayan children in dental trouble? We know the Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami; in fact one two-year-old we took to them has become a star of pediatric surgery. (check that story here ) Now, the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation has been bringing much needed dental care to our children who would otherwise . suffer a worsening of health and a need for more costly procedures down the road. The mobile dentist's office being parked by dental assistant Manuel outside of our office on a monthly basis is bringing thousands of dollars worth of dental care to the children being marginalized by lamentable government policy. This wonderful service joins with The Visiting Nurses Van, the Health Department vacuna van, and the University of Miami Medical students to generate in parents a confidence t that their children can have adequate healthcare.. Thank you Jack Nicklaus and your dedication to Children's Health.

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