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As Florida continues its warpath against undocumented residents, Republican representatives are escaping DeSantis's far-right agenda to plea with immigrant families who are fleeing the state as a result of SB1718 in an effort to minimize further economic turmoil.

As stated by many, SB1718 is a poorly written bill that will be challenged at every turn on a state and federal level, and to begrudgingly echo Rep. Alina Garcia –a supporter of SB1718– this bill has no teeth, it is not enforceable and was solely designed to intimidate immigrants.

This does not mean undocumented residents are without risk. It is important for undocumented residents in Florida to remember that with or without SB1718 there is always a risk of detention and deportation. With that said, we are asking families not to panic. The Guatemalan-Maya Center is providing additional services to families to mitigate fear and misinformation. We are providing a series of Know Your Rights sessions to educate communities on SB1718 and what to expect after July 1st, we are partnering with churches and agencies to create greater access to healthcare and other critical services, as well as staying informed on SB1718 to keep our community safe and informed.

See the full interview here: We say this to say, we are standing our ground. We are adding providing additional services so our families can stay home in their communities. We are providing continuous education so undocumented residents know what to expect on July 1st. We are partnering with other churches and organizations to continue to provide safe access to healthcare. We are staying informed and connected so our families can stay informed and connected.

Click here to view the full interview.

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