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Census Fiesta de San Miguel was a huge success!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We held our first ever drive thru Fiesta de San Miguel this past Monday (September 28th) and it was a huge success!

During the evening, our community members celebrated the Fiesta de San Miguel by filling out the Census and making sure their community was counted and recognized in the city of Lake Worth.

Census workers and food distribution leaders helped community members fill out the Census, translating it into Spanish, Mam, Popti' and Q'anjob'al! La Ley and Radio Fiesta helped advertise the event on the radio throughout the night and kept the party atmosphere up with some amazing music. Along with help filling out the Census, each family who came to the event received fresh produce boxes, canned goods, Covid-19 kits, books for their children and gift cards!

In just one night, we were able to count over 100 homes!

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