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The Guatemalan-Maya Center has a diverse array of programs which reach out to the Guatemala-Maya community throughout Palm Beach County. Our main focus areas are based on the following: The Family and Baby Outreach Program, The Parent and Child Home Program and The Escuelita Afterschool Program. Each of these programs play a central role in the everyday lives of the Mayas of Palm Beach County. Through The Guatemalan-Maya Center, Mayas also have access to legal services, translation, and navigating the social services of Palm Beach County.

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Over the past year, tens of thousands of children from Central and South America have been streaming through U.S. borders in search of safety, the comfort of relatives already living in the U.S., and the chance at a new life. Palm Beach County is now home to nearly 900 child refugees who are desperate for a life free from the overwhelming fears of extreme poverty and the very real threats of violence, abuse, extortion and kidnapping. Among its complex and multi-faceted roles in supporting and empowering Palm Beach County’s most at-risk populations, the Guatemalan Maya Center has become a critical leader in family reunification.

The Guatemalan-Maya Center is a recognized provider of Family Reunification Safe Passages Post Release and Home Study Services Program sponsored by Migration & Refugee Services of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Through this program, the Office of Refugee Resettlement can refer a child to the Center for home visits with their sponsor, assistance with enrolling in school and health care services, including mental health counseling, and referrals for legal representation. This ensures a safe and stable home will be provided to the child while they adapt to a new life and family.

We are excited to partner with Americans for Immigrant Justice (AIJ) whose immigration attorneys come to the Center twice a month for consultation and legal representation for children under the age of 18. They see families by appointment only and make referrals when necessary. The Guatemala-Maya Center is also working with Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County and Catholic Charities for immigration support and referrals. If you or someone you know needs legal immigration services, please call our office at 561-547-0085