The Center’s focus on health care came in response to when our community was shaken after the mother of an Escuelita child died in 2014 from the flu. The medical examiner determined it was a direct result of the poverty of her health and not seeking care because she couldn’t afford to take time from the nursery where she worked to support for her family.

We are committed to doing all we can to prevent similar tragedies and are grateful for the help of local agencies that keep our families together and healthy.


Health Care District

  • The Center welcomes the Health Care District onsite weekly to assist people with enrollment for those that don’t qualify for Medicaid. Approved applicants can then go to clinics throughout the county at minimal costs and time away from work.

Mental Health Referrals

  • We routinely make referrals for individual and family counseling with various community mental health programs such as Legacy Behavioral Health and Multilingual Psychotherapy Center. We also work with the School District to help children better thrive in classrooms and receive support and services from counselors and educational professionals.

University of Miami “DOCS”

  • We work with medical students at the University of Miami’s Department of Community Service to identify and address gaps in health care coverage and barriers to families receiving prompt and thorough medical care in times of need.

Medical Emergencies & Assisted Care

  • When a man suddenly found himself a paraplegic and the hospital needed to discharge him, we were contacted to help him return to his family in Guatemala. However, it was determined the level of care needed was far beyond his family’s ability and lack of resources such as running water and electricity would have been a near death sentence. Thankfully he is now residing and thriving at the Edward J. Healey Center with regular visitors from his community and church. In situations such as this, through relationships with the Healey Center and other local shelters, the Guatemalan Maya Center can at times assist with emergency situations for short or long term care.


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