Since 1995, The Guatemalan-Maya Center has ran after school programs, Escuelita Maya, for elementary children.COA Logo

In 2014, we were recognized by Council of Accreditation for high quality programming. Accreditation demonstrates that our program is recognized as an after school provider that successfully implements high performance standards and, as such, is delivering the highest quality services to all of its children, youth and families. These Gold Seal Programs are located at Highland Elementary and Our Savior Lutheran Church. Students attending Barton and North Grade Elementary are picked up daily by our staff and brought to Highland. Students attending South Grade Elementary are bused to the school facilities at Our Savior Lutheran (OSL) once school is dismissed. For full day programming it is expected parents drop their children off directly at either Highland or OSL.

Our philosophy is to help break the cycle of uneducated, under-­served families of the Mayan. Our children face very unique challenges where their parents do not speak English and in many cases, even Spanish, but instead a language specific to Guatemala. This presents a gap in their school and home environments making it difficult for teachers to enlist parental support and for the parents to help or even understand their child’s educational needs. As a result, children fall further behind in school and often drop out as soon as legally feasible, leaving them with little life skills and prime recruitment for gangs or low income, unsteady employment. We focus on helping children receive the additional time and tutoring to learn their lessons as well as communicate successes and needs to parents. The program understands the importance of outdoor and self­-selected activities; however, we know our children cannot afford missed opportunities for educational assistance which is why we put primary focus on academic improvement.

To enroll your child or be a volunteer at South Grade Escuelita Maya, please contact Ana Rodriguez at 561-515-9042 or

If you would like to participate at Highland Escuelita Maya, reach out to Zoila Xuncax at 561-713-6393, or 561-713-6424, or

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