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Debate over “Sanctuary Cities”

Debate over “Sanctuary Cities”

There is a global crisis with immigration; never in the history of the world have people been forced out of their homeland and made stateless. Responses range from Pope Francis to Donald Trump. In the absence of an effective federal government response, local governments throughout the United States have been supplying their own movements, such as offering sanctuary.

A sanctuary city is a response of the heart and it is a city that will not act as an instrument of federal enforcement. In Palm Beach County, which has always lived in a state of dependence on the work of undocumented immigrant laborers, it’s about time we acknowledged our indebtedness to immigrant laborers and made provisions for their safety while we’re waiting for a response by the federal government.

For full story and statement from Frank O’Loughlin, Executive Director, on “Sanctuary Cities” please click here.


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